Phase 3

Press Conference and Tour Schedule On Tuesday June 14 2016, Beirut DC held a press conference to announce The Caravan project. The conference was attended by many media representatives who received an in depth preview of the project as well as the tour dates for The Caravan street performances. The tour will begin with the First group formed of Syrian… Continue reading Press Conference and Tour Schedule

The Caravan The World Is Listening

The Caravan Project

We have been featured on Lands Of Exile blog.
We are very proud the be able to communicate the stories to the world. Read the full post below

Lands of Exile

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Le projet Caravane

Être victime d’une guerre, être forcé de se déplacer dans son pays ou de devenir réfugié dans un autre, c’est peut-être entreprendre le voyage d’un itinérant. Portés par leurs rencontres, ils traversent les villages, se reposent à l’ombre d’un arbre ou sous une tente. Ils marchent sur des sentiers sinueux. Ils ne comptent plus le nombre de fois qu’ils ont glissé, qu’ils ont vu leurs propres enfants tombés sans pouvoir les rattraper. La méfiance qu’ils ont croisée à l’orée d’un bois, la violence du feu qui les a pourchassés, la sécheresse des âmes qu’ils ont visitées, ces souvenirs se bousculent dans leur mémoire. Mais qui entendra un jour les récits dont ils sont porteurs ?

Après avoir travaillé dix années avec les réfugiés palestiniens et irakiens, le flot de réfugiés syriens au Liban a touché la directrice artistique du projet Caravane. Par ses expériences…

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Phase 3

Meet The (First) Cast

We began phase 3 (rehearsals) with an intensive 2-day workshop audition. The first day was pretty relentless: 3 hours of physical theatre games and exercises with a group of 30 young men (and one young woman!) in the heat of the Bekaa valley tent. On day 2 we showed up and our 30 actors had… Continue reading Meet The (First) Cast

Phase 2

Seven Weeks in The Caravan سبعة أسابيع بالكرفانة

Seven weeks have passed since the start of our stories' collection phase. We have worked with tens of Syrian refugees in the Bekaa valley, including men, women, and children. Stories have been collected and recorded. Laughs have been shared and tears have been shed. The stories have gathered more than 2500 video views on our YouTube… Continue reading Seven Weeks in The Caravan سبعة أسابيع بالكرفانة

Phase 2

قصصهم الشخصية، بأصواتهم

بعد بضع أسابيع من ورشات العمل وأيام من التسجيل، بإمكاننا أن نقول أن التجربة حتى الآن منشطة ومحيّرة في آنٍ معاً. التّفاعلات اليومية، مشاركة القصص، الثّقة، الإبتسامات والدموع... كل هذا قد جعلنا متأكدين من قيمة المشروع الذي يخلق المساحة للإستماع  والمشاركة بتلك القصص. العنوان الذي إخترناه بشكل عفوي "والعالم يسمع" هو الشعار للمساحة التي خلقناها.… Continue reading قصصهم الشخصية، بأصواتهم

Phase 2

Their Story in Their Own Voice

After few weeks of workshops and days of recordings, we can say that so far, the experience has been energizing and confusing all at the same time. The daily interactions, sharing of stories, trust, laughter, tears...all of this has made us certain of the value of a project that creates these spaces for things to… Continue reading Their Story in Their Own Voice

Phase 2

Phase Two: Recording

أطلقنا الأسبوع الفائت المرحلة الثانية من مشروع الكرفانة، وهو مشروع يتمحور حول سرد الحكايات ويفسح المجال لللاجئين بهدف مشاركة قصصهم التي يودون للعالم أن يسمعها.  تمضي إثنتان من فنّانينا من كلاون مي إن وبيروت دي سي، سابين شقير وفرح قاسم، 40 يوماً في البقاع الغربي. حتى اليوم، عمل الفريق مع 70 إمرأة (بين عمر ال20… Continue reading Phase Two: Recording

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The Caravan Project

“The Caravan” is a project that puts Syrian refugee voices from the Bekaa valley at the heart of a street theatre performance, literally, through the use of recorded storytelling audio. Our aim is to construct and tour a participatory street performance built collaboratively by professional theatre makers and non-professionals refugee artists which incorporates recorded interviews… Continue reading The Caravan Project