The Caravan Europe

Exciting news for The Caravan!

We have just been awarded a grant by the European Cultural Foundation to help us launch The Caravan Europe. This grant will fund the research we need to carry out to find partners in France, Germany and Sweden to help us bring this project to life.

The grant was awarded to us after Sabine Choucair, Creator of The Caravan, attended the IDEA CAMP in Madrid earlier this year hosted by ECF, the Connected Action for the Commons network and the City of Madrid. Fifty change makers were gathered for a period of 3 days where they met each other and worked on their ideas, 25 of which were awarded a research and development grant.

The Caravan Europe will involve us travelling around France, Germany and Sweden collecting and recording stories from refugees around the three countries. We will collate these audio stories and design a physical performance staged on a van to accompany them.  We will then tour the three countries with our performance van sharing these stories with as many communities as possible.

The Caravan Europe is an opportunity to bridge the gap between host communities and refugee communities in Europe who suffer from both a language and cultural barrier. By telling these individual stories we can humanize the ongoing refugee crisis and create a space to open a dialogue between both communities. This is such an important step as we witnessed with the performances of The Caravan in Lebanon.

We received a remarkable response from people when we took the performance to Tunisia in 2016. Therefore, we are very excited to share these wonderful stories with audiences in Europe!

The Caravan Project Tunisia 2016.jpg

Shrinking Cultural Space


Beirut DC Breaks the Silence Around the Discrimination Faced by Syrian Refugee Artists in Lebanon.

Beirut DC documented the shrinking cultural space facing Syrians in Lebanon. Syrian artists and communities are being segregated from their Lebanese counterparts in the name of security through policies as curfews. Such discriminatory policies risk good relations between the two groups, as well as offending both Lebanese and international human rights law.

Find report in English here

بيروت دي سي تكسر حاجز الصمت بخصوص التمييز ضد الفنانين السوريين اللاجئين في لبنان.

وثقت جمعية بيروت دي سي المساحات الثقافية المتقلصة بالنسبة للسوريين في لبنان. يتم فصل الفنانين السوريين والمجتمعات السورية عن تلك اللبنانية بذريعة الحفاظ على الأمن من خلال فرض سياسات حظر التجول. تلك السياسات التمييزية تؤثر سلباً على العلاقات الجيدة بين الفريقين، كما أنها مخالفة للقوانين اللبنانية والقانون الدولي لحقوق الإنسان.

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