VAN12 – 2018 Tour Schedule

We have officially kicked off the VAN12 tour, performing in 24 different Lebanese villages, from north to south, east to west. We are reaching far away villages in the north by the borders with Syria, and all the way in the south by the borders with Palestine

We are thrilled to be meeting new faces as well as seeing those we performed to before. It brings us a major thrill to see their excited face to see us again, especially when they still remember our performances.

VAN12 ScheduleVAN12 Schedule2

About VAN 12 فان رقم ١٢

Beirut  DC  is  proud  to  announce the  launch  of  its  new  project “Van 12”

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Van 12 Cover photo
Photo by Ali Dalloul

Van 12” is a project that puts children’s voices at the heart of a street theatre performance through the use of recorded storytelling audio. Stories have been gathered through workshops and discussions with Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian children who have had their rights neglected or violated. The children have anonymously shared their experiences about how they are coping with violence, bullying, poverty, forced labor, and other violations of their legal rights.  The stories will be presented alongside a performance by a team of professional actors in public spaces around Lebanon on a fantastical, movable, drivable set. The overall goal is to use theater and storytelling to raise awareness among people living in both cities and remote areas in Lebanon of the importance of child rights, to teach children what their rights are, and to know where and how to find help. “Van 12” derives its name from the idea of a travelling troupe who present stories which teach 12 of the most fundamental protections from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Van 12 is implemented by Beirut DC and Clown Me In in partnership with UNICEF and supported by Australian Aid.

For the first two phases of the project, two of our artists from Clown Me In and Beirut DC, Sabine Choucair & Farah Kassem, spent 40 days working with young people throughout Lebanon. Groups they have worked with include street children, child workers, schoolchildren, and mothers living in Beirut, Bekaa, Akkar, The North, and South Lebanon. They conducted storytelling workshops and created an open space in which young people spoke about their needs, thoughts and experiences related to their human and child rights.

The pair selected five of the many stories to record, and these have been edited to form the basis of the production. The stories are about the daily struggles as well as the future hopes and dreams of the young participants. While the young people themselves have brought us much joy through this process, their stories are often difficult to hear…and this is precisely why it is so urgent that we share them, to raise awareness and create a safer future for our young people.

An exciting team of professional performers will be presenting a highly physical and playful production based on the recorded stories. The show will highlight 12 of the most fundamental child rights, and teach these rights to the audience as the piece unfolds. We are currently in rehearsals and will premiere the piece on the 5th of October 2017 in Chebaa-Marjeyoun, touring for 22 performances throughout Lebanon through the 16th of October 2017.

For updates, please follow here and on Facebook:

Van 12 - 07 - By Ali Dalloul.jpg
Photo by Ali Dalloul


يسر‭ ‬الجمعية‭ ‬الثقافية‭ ‬بيروت‭ ‬دي‭ ‬سي‭ ‬إطلاق‭ ‬مشروعها‭ ‬الجديد‭ “‬فان‭ ‬رقم‭ ‬‮21″‬

‭”‬فان‭ ‬رقم‭ ‬12‭” ‬هو‭ ‬مسرح‭ ‬شارع‭ ‬متجول‭ ‬ينقل‭ ‬أصوات‭ ‬مجموعة‭ ‬من‭ ‬الأولاد‭ ‬عبر‭ ‬عرض‭ ‬قصصهم،‭ ‬التي‭ ‬جرى‭ ‬تسجيلها‭ ‬وجمعها‭ ‬ضمن‭ ‬حلقات‭ ‬وورشات‭ ‬عمل‭ ‬ومناقشات‭. ‬قام‭ ‬فريق‭ ‬عملنا‭ ‬بتوثيق‭ ‬تجارب‭ ‬أطفال‭ ‬لبنانيين‭ ‬وسوريين‭ ‬وفلسطينيين‭ ‬أُهْمِلَت‭ ‬أو‭ ‬انتُهِكَت‭ ‬حقوقهم‭. ‬شارَكَنا‭ ‬الأطفال‭ ‬دون‭ ‬ذكر‭ ‬هويتهم،‭ ‬خبراتهم‭ ‬وما‭ ‬عاشوه‭ ‬ويعيشوه‭ ‬من‭ ‬تعرض‭ ‬للعنف‭ ‬والبلطجة،‭ ‬والفقر،‭ ‬والعمل‭ ‬القسري،‭ ‬وغيرها‭ ‬من‭ ‬الانتهاكات‭ ‬لحقوقهم‭ ‬القانونية‭.‬

هذه‭ ‬الشهادات‭ ‬المسجلة،‭ ‬تم‭ ‬جمعها‭ ‬واستخلاص‭ ‬عمل‭ ‬مسرحي‭ ‬منها‭ ‬سيؤديه‭ ‬فريق‭ ‬من‭ ‬الممثلين‭ ‬المحترفين‭ ‬الذي‭ ‬سيجوب‭ ‬المناطق‭ ‬اللبنانية،‭ ‬ويقوم‭ ‬بعروض‭ ‬مسرحية‭ ‬في‭ ‬الأماكن‭ ‬العامة‭. ‬

الهدف‭ ‬هو‭ ‬استخدام‭ ‬المسرح‭ ‬والسرد‭ ‬القصصي‭ ‬في‭ ‬كل‭ ‬من‭ ‬المدن‭ ‬والمناطق‭ ‬النائية‭ ‬في‭ ‬لبنان‭ ‬للإضاءة‭ ‬على‭ ‬أهمية‭ ‬حقوق‭ ‬الطفل،‭ ‬وتعليم‭ ‬الأطفال‭ ‬أنفسهم‭  ‬معرفة‭ ‬حقوقهم،‭ ‬وكيفية‭ ‬العثورعلى‭ ‬المساعدة‭ ‬عند‭ ‬الحاجة‭. ‬استوحينا‭ ‬اسم‭ ‬المشروع‭ “‬فان‭ ‬رقم‭ ‬12‭” ‬من‭ ‬فكرة‭ ‬الفرقة‭ ‬التي‭ ‬تتنقل‭ ‬في‭ ‬حافلة‭ ‬وتقدم‭ ‬قصصا‭ ‬تعلّم‭ ‬إثني‭ ‬عشر‭ ‬بنداً‭ ‬من‭ ‬بنود‭ ‬الحماية‭ ‬الأساسية‭ ‬في‭ ‬اتفاقية‭ ‬الأمم‭ ‬المتحدة‭ ‬لحقوق‭ ‬الطفل‭. ‬
تنفذ‭ ‬مشروع‭ “‬فان‭ ‬رقم‭ ‬12‭” ‬الجمعية‭ ‬الثقافية‭ ‬بيروت‭ ‬دي‭ ‬سي‭ ‬وكلاون‭ ‬مي‭ ‬إن،‭ ‬بالشراكة‭ ‬مع‭ ‬يونيسف‭ ‬وبدعم‭ ‬من‭ ‬مؤسسة‭ ‬Australian Aid‭.  ‬

في‭ ‬مراحل‭ ‬المشروع‭ ‬الأولى،‭ ‬أمضت‭ ‬سابين‭ ‬شقير‭ ‬وفرح‭ ‬قاسم،‭ ‬وهما‭ ‬فنانتان‭ ‬من‭ ‬كلاون‭ ‬مي‭ ‬إن‭ ‬وبيروت‭ ‬دي‭ ‬سي،‭ ‬40‭ ‬يوما‭ ‬من‭ ‬العمل‭ ‬مع‭ ‬مجموعات‭ ‬من‭ ‬الأطفال‭ ‬في‭ ‬جميع‭ ‬أنحاء‭ ‬لبنان،‭ ‬شملت‭ ‬أطفال‭ ‬الشوارع،‭ ‬أطفالا‭ ‬يعملون،‭ ‬تلاميذ‭ ‬مدارس،‭ ‬إضافة‭ ‬إلى‭ ‬مجموعة‭ ‬من‭ ‬الأمهات،‭ ‬في‭ ‬بيروت‭ ‬والبقاع‭ ‬وعكار‭ ‬والشمال‭ ‬وجنوب‭ ‬لبنان‭. ‬أجرت‭ ‬سابين‭ ‬وفرح‭ ‬ورش‭ ‬عمل‭ ‬عن‭ ‬مهارة‭ ‬سرد‭ ‬القصص‭ ‬وخلقتا‭ ‬مساحة‭ ‬مفتوحة‭ ‬للأطفال‭ ‬عبّروا‭ ‬فيها‭ ‬عن‭ ‬أفكارهم‭ ‬وحاجاتهم‭ ‬وتجاربهم‭ ‬المتعلقة‭ ‬بحقوقهم‭ ‬كأطفال‭. ‬

اختارت‭ ‬الفنانتان‭ ‬خمسة‭ ‬من‭ ‬القصص‭ ‬المسجلة،‭ ‬تم‭ ‬توليفها‭ ‬وشكّلت‭ ‬المادة‭ ‬الأساسية‭ ‬للعمل‭. ‬تتضمن‭ ‬هذه‭ ‬القصص‭ ‬مواضيع‭ ‬عن‭ ‬الصراعات‭ ‬اليومية‭ ‬التي‭ ‬يواجهها‭ ‬الاطفال‭ ‬إضافة‭ ‬إلى‭ ‬الطموحات‭ ‬والأحلام‭ ‬المستقبلية‭ ‬للمشاركين‭ ‬الصغار‭. ‬بالرغم‭ ‬من‭ ‬الفرحة‭ ‬التي‭ ‬نقلها‭ ‬لنا‭ ‬الأطفال‭ ‬خلال‭ ‬العمل،‭ ‬إلّا‭ ‬أنه‭ ‬كثيراً‭ ‬ما‭ ‬كان‭ ‬يصعب‭ ‬علينا‭ ‬الاستماع‭ ‬إلى‭ ‬قصصهم،‭ ‬ولهذا‭ ‬السبب‭ ‬كان‭ ‬لا‭ ‬بد‭ ‬من‭ ‬مشاركتها‭ ‬مع‭ ‬الآخرين‭ ‬لخلق‭ ‬مستقبل‭ ‬أكثر‭ ‬أماناً‭ ‬لهم‭. ‬

نحن‭ ‬حالياً‭ ‬في‭ ‬مرحلة‭ ‬التمارين‭ ‬المسرحية‭ ‬وسنقدّم‭ ‬العرض‭ ‬الأول‭ ‬في‭ ‬الخامس‭ ‬من‭ ‬تشرين‭ ‬الأول‭ ‬2017‭ ‬في‭ ‬منطقة‭ ‬شبعا‭ ‬–‭ ‬مرجعيون‭ ‬لننطلق‭ ‬منها‭ ‬بجولتنا‭ ‬على‭ ‬مختلف‭ ‬المناطق‭ ‬اللبنانية‭ ‬التي‭ ‬ستشمل‭ ‬22‭ ‬عرضاً‭ ‬مسرحياً‭ ‬حتى‭ ‬تاريخ‭ ‬16‭ ‬تشرين‭ ‬الأول‭ ‬2017‭. ‬

لمعرفة‭ ‬أحدث‭ ‬الأخبار‭ ‬عن‭ ‬المشروع،‭ ‬الرجاء‭ ‬متابعة‭ ‬مدونتنا‭: ‬
أو‭ ‬صفحة‭ ‬الفيسبوك‭: ‬